McKinley Sports


All athletes must have both a current physical examination form and a current concussion fact sheet on file in the clinic.  Forms are available below:

CRCSD Health Physical Form

CRCSD Concussion Fact Sheet




The following is a list of our sports and coaches.  Please click on the sport to visit its page.  Information is posted to the site as soon as it is available.  Practice start dates may vary by individual sport.  Most practices start at 3:00 pm and end no later than 5:00 pm.  Start times for games/meets are between 3:30 and 3:45 pm, depending on the sport and location.  Please contact the coach if you need any additional information.   Note:  Coaches have not been confirmed for the 21-22 school year.  The website will be updated as information becomes available.   


Fall Sports

  • Cross Country - Mr. Christensen

  • Football (7th grade) - Mr. Konzen/Mr. Fox

  • Football (8th grade) - Mr. Guy (head coach); Mr. McGuire (asst coach)

  • Boys Tennis  - Mr. Goff

  • Girls Soccer 

  • Volleyball (7th grade) 

  • Volleyball (8th grade) - Ms. Campbell

Winter Sports

  • Girls Swimming   

  • Boys Basketball (7th grade)  - Mr. Christensen

  • Boys Basketball (8th grade)  - Mr. Malcolm

  • Boys Swimming 

  • Wrestling - Mr. Konzen (asst coach)

  • Girls Basketball (7th grade)  - Mr. Christensen

  • Girls Basketball (8th grade)  - Mr. Malcolm

Spring Sports

  • Boys Soccer  

  • Boys Track and Field (7th Grade)  

  • Boys Track and Field (8th Grade) 

  • Girls Tennis - Mr. Goff

  • Girls Track and Field (7th Grade) 

  • Girls Track and Field (8th Grade) 


Non-School Team Participation

Per District Regulation 408.1, a student who participates in a school-sponsored sport may participate in a non-school team with permission of the Activities Director.  Outside participation shall not conflict with the school sponsored athletic activity without prior approval by the Activities Director.  It is the student athlete's responsibility to inform school personnel of any conflicts.  A student who participates in a sport sponsored by an organization other than the District without obtaining permission shall be ineligible to participate on a school-sponsored team in that sport for one-third of the season.  Multiple offenses shall result in extended periods of ineligibility.  Permission form is below.


Non-School Team Participation Permission Form


Extracurricular Eligibility Policy

The transition to the Learner Centered Assessment and Reporting model allows a more complete picture of a student's learning.  Additionally, it provides a method by which a student can reflect on his/her progress towards developing skills essential for a successful career in the working world.  The coaches and directors at McKinley find that fostering these skills through our athletic and fine arts programs as well as our after school activities is critical for the long term success of our students as they make the transition to high school and adulthood.  As a result McKinley's Extracurricular Eligibility Policy will reflect our desire to have students perform at high levels both academically and behaviorally.


Eligibility:  For a student to be considered eligible for athletic contests or extracurricular fine arts performances, clubs the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Passing grade in all core classes.  Coaches will notify parents if their student athlete is ineligible and will provide supports.  

  • Detention(s) must be served prior to participation in all extracurricular activities.  Coaches and parents will be notified by teachers of student detentions.  

Eligibility Deadline:  Student eligibility will be updated every Thursday.  Students who do not meet these expectations will be ineligible for the following week's competitions, performances, etc.  If the student demonstrates they meet the requirements before a competition, it is the responsibility of the teacher to notify the coach of the student's eligibility.