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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Administrative and Support Team



Mr. Jason Martinez, Principal; 558-2348


Ms. Joslin Hanna, Associate Principal; 558-1197


Mr. Mark Kenny, Activities Coordinator; 558-4153


Mrs. Jackie Mason, Principal's Secretary; 558-2348

Mrs. Ashley Monnahan, Associate Principal's Secretary; 558-2348


Ms. Janece Johnson, Attendance Secretary; 558-2150


Officer Anne Deutmeyer, SRO; 558-4631


Mr. Willie Guy, Engagement Specialist; 558-1003

Mr. DaMu Diaz-Doolin, Engagement Specialist; 558-1539

Ms. Dominique Brown, Engagement Specialist; 558-3213


Mrs. Terrie Sullivan, Instructional Coach; 558-4711


Mrs. Michele Wilson, Magnet Coordinator; 558-4242


Mrs. Lauren Cerqueira, Counselor - 6th (A-L), 7th; 558-1807

Mrs. Katie Sorgenfrey, Counselor - 6th (M-Z), 8th; 558-3791

Ms. Bianca Turner Counseling Secretary; (Phone)


Mrs. Amy Gardner, Media Specialist; 558-4194


Ms. Ashley Perez, Nurse; 558-2519

Ms. Ashley Sacora, Health Secretary; 558-2519


Mrs. Mary Church, Chief Engineer; 558-2051


Mr. Barry Eberhrd, Building Sub

Ms. Anita Schmeucker, Building Sub