Betsy The Therapy Dog


Empirical evidence has shown that therapy dogs can enhance children’s psychological development, improve social skills, and increase self-esteem. Dogs can also teach responsibility, compassion, and respect for other living things.  Finally, dogs in the classroom can be used to calm fears, relieve anxiety, and teach skills.

6th grade LEVEL 1 teacher Christina Ditch has secured building and district permission to have a therapy dog at McKinley Middle School.  

Betsy is an 8-month old Catahoula leopard dog.  Betsy is a school staff member.  She is here to work.  She wears a blue vest to let everyone know that she is on he job.  Betsy's duties are:

*Serves as a learning model for all.

*Teaches empathy and responsibility.

*Reminds us to be mindful of the things around us.

*Creates a calming and nurturing environment.

Room 215 will be the home base area with crate, bed, and supplies housed in this location. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Ditch or Principal Martinez.