Areas to Visit: Big Gym, Foyer by McKinley Timeline, Auditorium


Activities in Big Gym: pinewood car races • spin art creations, Live reptiles and amphibians • Mrs. Gardner’s MakerSpace • Tower building using spaghetti and marshmallows • McKinley student work on display • Cedar Rapids Fire Department firefighting equipment • 5 year-old child simulator that can talk, cry, and interact with you • Thermal camera experiments and light bulb testing • Live Owl from the Raptor Center


Door Prizes:

*Goodie Bags: Enter a raffle ticket at the Door Prize table. 

*Two Grand Prizes: (each valued over $50) Get a card from Door Prize table & respectfully ask 12 exhibitors for a signature. Turn in completed cards at the Door Prize table. Listen for your name to be called over the intercom at school the next day.


Food in the Foyer


Open Music Rehearsals


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