We are partnering with Great American in creating an online store that sells many items including magazine subscriptions, sports tumblers, savings passes, gifts, snacks, jewelry, holiday wreaths plus much more.  


Important Dates

September 17-19 – Fall Fundraiser Kick-Off

September 25 – First Turn-in

October 2 – Second Turn-in


Instructions on how to order online:   

Volunteers Needed

We will need volunteers the mornings of September 25 and October 2 to help process orders/count prizes.   No experience necessary.  Contact Jackie Mason at jmason@cr.k12.ia.us if you are able to help or go to FALL FUNDRAISER SIGN UP.


Tuition Credits.  Your child can receive college tuition credits to a number of private colleges in and out of state by participating in the Great American Fund Raiser.  The program is called Tuition Rewards (Opens in a new window).   


We appreciate the support we get from our McKinley families in helping to make our fall fundraising campaign such a success.

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