Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year.  Conference dates for 2017-18 are October 17 and 19; and February 13 and 15.  At times, teachers may desire additional opportunities to visit with parents.  Parents may also make appointments with teachers and counselors by using e-mail or calling the teacher or the Counseling Office directly.


February 13 and 15, 2018 (3 to 9 pm each day)

Parents may sign up for a time beginning at 6 am on Sunday, January 28.  To sign up, click on "Schedule Time"  on the Parent/Student Login Page.  Times are set for 10 minutes.  Parents (students are welcome to attend)  will be able to meet with two teachers.  If parents wish to meet with more than two teachers, parents should e-mail the teacher(s) after conferences are over to schedule a meeting.  Exploratory teachers will be available for drop-in visits on both nights.  


Orchestra Students:  Orchestra Playing Conference Sign Up